Florida Arcade & Pinball Exposition

Florida APE

Back in early 200, arcade machine collectors: Charlie Lyle and Marcel Gonzales had the idea of bringing forth an arcade game show to the state of Florida since at the time other shows were so far away across the country.

Their grassroots effort succeeded, effectively commencing the (South) Florida Arcade & Pinball Exposition (a.k.a. the "Florida APE") December 3rd, 2004.

With Charlie now in spirit (RIP), Marcel and his wife Dilayla, keep it all alive, year after year.

In an era of endless technology we live in, our vision of passing down an 80's arcade experience is absolutely exhilarating still to this day.

The Florida APE arouses nostalgia to the generations that thought these machines didn't exist anymore, and amazes the young with a glimpse of the easy, care-free fun that was.

Florida Arcade & Pinball Exposition Iterations

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