To provide a high quality show to attract attendees from all over to our community. Because the event will attract tourists from all over the country, it will have a positive impact on the local economy. To give attendees that “Big Con” feel in a more intimate setting.

OUR MISSION Cheyenne Comic Con is the fundraising arm of the Wyoming Comic Book Initiative (WCBI). WCBI will provide the tools and supplies to educators to help foster the love of learning. Engage young readers so that they may continue their education through pop culture.

OUR STRENGTHS Locally owned and operated, we understand the importance of community and developing events to cater to them so that we may continue to grow and thrive.

8,347 Hours of Blood Sweat and Tears 2,250 Cup of Coffee 6 Months to Go 1 Amazing Convention MEET OUR FOUNDERS Megan August and Phil Mitotes WHO ARE WE? Phil Mitotes and Megan August are the Owners of The Loft Collectibles, Comics & Games and the driving force behind Cheyenne Comic Con. This “Mom & Pop” duo has an uncompromising love for education and the Cheyenne community! Understanding the social and educational impact that comics and pop culture can have they set forth of turning an idea into a reality.

Phil Mitotes and Megan August CEO / Founder Company OUR SPONSORS These are our Sponsors, they've helped support us, we should help support them. Click on any Logo and you'll be taken to their direct web page.


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