Q: Is there an age limit to RTX?
A: Yes. You have to be under 150 years of age. Sorry great-great-great grandpa! Other than that, no- there is no age limit. Anyone, of any age, can attend! Children 6 and under can get in free with a paying adult. However, please note that RTX does not provide children with supervision, so do not send your kids to the event alone if they cannot take care of themselves.

Q: What is RTX?
A: The Internet. For real. In Austin. RTX is a convention hosted by Rooster Teeth, where we celebrate internet culture and gaming. There are exhibitors, live events on our Gaming Center Stage, panels, activities, and more.

Q: Are you going to offer discounted hotel rooms?
A: Yes, please see the "Travel" section of the FAQ for details.

Q: When do tickets go on sale?
A: They're on sale now! Click "tickets" at the top of the page!

Q: Why doesn't honey badger give a shit?
A: Because he's honey badger.

Q: Are you going to sell out before I get one again?
A: You should always buy your ticket as soon as possible, as we cannot predict when or if we will sell out. Hopefully you'll get a ticket, and you can come, and we can have FUN!

Q: Can I be a volunteer at RTX?
A: All volunteers have been selected for RTX 2015.

Q: Can I exhibit at RTX?
A: We are looking to showcase people from multiple medias this year. If you have a videogame, comic, web show, podcast, or something along those lines please email exhibitor[at]rtxevent[dot]com, or check out the registration page for more info.

Q: When will _____ be announced?
A: Event specifics, such as panel schedule, special guests, night activities, and more, are usually announced about a month prior to the event. Sorry it's not available sooner, but we promise it will be worth it!

Q: What if I'm under 18?
A: Anyone can come to RTX, but if you're under 18, make sure your parent or guardian is aware that RTX is not responsible for you. Don't have your parent drop you off with the expectation that you will have someone to watch you.

Q: When is RTX 2015?
A: August 7-9, 2015!

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