Costume Contest and Fashion Show Bak-Anime is proud to announce its Cosplay Costume Contest, open to all ages and skill levels. So grab your anime, manga, or video game inspired costumes, and strut your stuff on the stage!

Sign-Ups and judging will be held Saturday at 4pm, with the on-stage portion of the contest beginning at 6pm. We will only have room for a limited amount of contestants, so don’t miss out!

The costume contest will be limited to 30 entries, on a first come, first serve basis. Entries may be individuals or groups. (Group entries will be judged as an entire group, so members of the group will not be eligible for individual awards.) Craftsmanship Judging will be done immediately after sign-up, so please arrive in costume.

After judging is complete, all contestants will be allowed to either present a short skit, or participate in a catwalk style fashion show. After which, the contest winners will be announced, and prizes will be awarded.

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